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ACF Pre-registration Services and Loading Forms

At ACF, we understand that some loads are recurring and homogeneous, which allows the creation of generic load sheets and specific prescriptions. For this reason, we offer a comprehensive service that includes the preparation of detailed cargo sheets. These sheets contemplate the loading plan, its optimization and the appropriate mooring according to Standard 12195.

Initial Consulting and Independent Service

During our initial consultation, we determine the most appropriate type of mooring for your needs. If you already have this information, you can access our loading sheet service without the need for prior consulting.

Detailed Stowage Sheets

Our stowage sheets include:

  • Loading procedures and optimization of merchandise.
  • Detailed processes for correct stowage, based on precise calculations according to Standard 12195 and other related standards, such as the type of vehicle bodywork.

Specific Considerations

Each stowage sheet takes into account:

  • Intermodality in transport.
  • Vehicle characteristics.
  • Attributes of the goods (weight, dimensions, stackability, distribution, rotations, etc.).

In addition, we provide a stowage report in PDF format that explains the loading and mooring process in a clear and visual way, facilitating the work of the people in charge.

Customized Prices

The price of each loading token is calculated based on its specific characteristics and is adapted to each particular case. We offer scaled rates to fit your needs.

A unique stowage card for each shipment

With Amarre Solutions you will obtain a specific stowage sheet for each shipment, valid for roadside inspections.

In addition, you can share it with all the logistics agents involved, using blockchain technology as a guarantee in the process. Efficiency, effectiveness and operability.

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