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So that stowage never becomes a heavy burden

Amarre Solutions, an R&D&i project arising from a public-private collaboration and which for the first time provides a solution to a process that has an undeniable impact on road safety, infrastructures and goods under the new EN 12195 stowage regulation, which has been compulsory throughout Europe since 2018.

  1. Visual, intuitive, user-friendly, graphic and customised. The perfect aid to make difficult tasks easy.
  2. Tailored to each client’s needs. Each shipment receives its own specific cargo stowage sheet valid for road inspections.
  3. Fulfils the latest and most stringent regulations efficiently from a safety and operational point of view.

This cargo securing and stowage system allows the following:

  • Configuring the vehicle and loads for shipments.
  • Integrating it with warehouse management systems to automate the process.
  • Optimising cargo distribution in the vehicle automatically. The optimiser is our own creation and improves on those that already exist in the market.
  • Perform manual loading and/or amendments on the optimisation results.
  • – Detect and correct possible excess weightover the MAM or on the axles.
  • Produce a sequenced cargo plan to send to the people responsible for loading the goods.
  • Use the different securing methods (fastening, locking, etc.)
  • Produce a final report on cargoes and securing methods for each shipment.
  • Compare the virtual image captured with an actual photograph of the cargo.

The advantages of Amarre Solutions:

  • It produces a specific and optimised cargo plan, taking into account parameters such as weights per axle, loading and unloading sequences, piling restrictions, etc.
  • It saves on time and money in the stowage and transport process.
  • The report can be kept in the vehicle and shown to the authorities en route.
  • It gives the loader, carrier and recipient guarantees in relation to the stowage process and compliance with regulations and blockchain technology.
  • The information can be shared easily among the people responsible for the logistics chain.
  • It also helps you to comply with new regulations on lorry stowage in 2018, EN 12195.

A unique stowage card for each expedition

With Amarre Solutions you will obtain a specific stowage card for each expedition, valid for road inspections. In addition, you can share it with all the intervening logistics agents, using blockchain technology as a guarantee in the process. Efficiency, effectiveness and operability.






An end-to-end and advanced support platform and long-term investment with gains in terms of safety, comfort, convenience and space


Valid for intermodal transport by road, sea and rail.

Targeted at manufacturers, loaders and carriers who work with any type of goods. Can be integrated with other logistics and management software and can be shared by other logistics agencies using blockchain technology to provide guarantees during the process.


We are aware that each organisation has it owns specific needs. That is why we conduct an analysis of each area, team and department to identify needs, optimise development and provide the best solution.


We provide training in industrial safety and cargo securing and stowage, both on-line and/or classroom based, using technology and available to everyone. We cater for current needs and comply with the latest regulation in this field, the new 2018 stowage regulation.


We bring you all of the latest news about Amarre Solutions

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