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If it is clear from the company's casuistry that there are certain similar charges and therefore susceptible to generic prescriptions / loading tokens, ACF makes available its service in which it performs pre-registrations / loading tokens that include a load plan , optimization of the same and adequate mooring according to Standard 12195. The most appropriate type of mooring is derived from the initial consultancy. If this information is already available, ACF offers its service independently of the consultancy.

The stowage sheets integrate the loading and optimization procedures of the merchandise, as well as the processes to be carried out for the correct stowage of the merchandise once the necessary calculations have been carried according to the Standard and taking into account the related Standards as type of vehicle used.

The intermodality in transport, the characteristics of the vehicles, the characteristics of the goods in terms of the available attributes (weights, dimensions, stackability, distribution, rotations, etc.) are contemplated in the development of the file. ). It includes a stowage report can be obtained by pdf, text and image format and that makes the process easier for  workers who must do it.

Price for each file made according to previous characteristics. It is valued in each case and is scaled.


For each file


Economic proposal


For more than one tab

Economic proposal

The taxes in force in each period will be added to the previous budget. In Spain a 21% VAT

A single data sheet for each expedition

With Amarre Solutions you will obtain a specific stowage sheet for each expedition, valid for roadside inspections.

In addition, you can share it with all the logistics agents involved, using blockchain technology as a guarantee in the process. Efficiency, efficiency and operability.

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